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Thanksgiving Food & Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving and family, turkey and gravy; some pairings just make sense. As we all know, Thanksgiving is about three things: family, food, and wine. Celebrated with loved ones in the comfort of your home, with a glass of something delicious in hand, Thanksgiving is undeniably the coziest of holidays. While food is the holiday staple, … Continued

Wedding Shoe Styles We Love

Real talk: everyone loves shoes. Men, women, brides, bridesmaids, groomsmen; shoes are always fun to shop for. Picking the perfect wedding shoe requires a bit of thought, and often the chosen shoe provides a window into the personality of the bride. Whether it’s with a little sparkle, a little shine, or a smooth and polished … Continued

A Look Into Harvest Season 2017

When it comes to winemaking, harvest season is when all the magic happens. It’s simultaneously exciting, exhausting, and a little bit scary. This is especially true at Brooklyn Winery, where we are not only at the mercy of mother nature, but the unpredictability of New York City as well.   Here in Brooklyn, our harvest … Continued

A Case For Friday and Sunday Weddings

  Saturdays are often thought of as king when it comes to wedding dates, but here at Brooklyn Winery, we book Friday and Sunday weddings almost as quickly. There are many advantages to looking beyond a Saturday for your celebration (Women Getting Married can back us up here)! Choosing your wedding date can seem like … Continued

How We Make Sparkling Wine

  Sparkling wine is without a doubt the most fun wine to drink, but it’s no simple trick getting those bubbles to appear! It takes a whole lot of skill to get it just right. When it comes to sparking, it’s all about patience. There are several winemaking methods used to produce sparkling wine. The … Continued

Best Wedding Traditions to Keep, and Which to Skip

    Some of the harder wedding decisions often deal with the question of tradition. Which wedding traditions to incorporate and which to kick to the curb? Choosing only the ones that are important to you can involve diplomatically navigating family customs, expectations, and norms. The good news is, modern weddings have transformed old traditions … Continued

Where Are Our Vineyards?

  As an urban winery, the biggest question that we get is an often incredulous, “where do your grapes come from?!” After calmly explaining that no, we don’t have massive secret rooftop vineyards, we discuss how the beauty of being an urban winery is that we have the freedom to select the best grape varieties … Continued

Wedding Menu Selection Best Practices

    Table linens, glassware, minute-by-minute timelines…we admit that some wedding planning details can get tedious. The one detail that always provides a (tasty) respite is the menu selection! While you should choose food items that you find delicious, there are some best practices when it comes to crafting a winning menu. We picked our wedding … Continued

Debunking Wine Myths: Getting the Facts Straight

    When it comes to wine, there are a lot of lofty claims out there, and facts are often thrown around. Conflicting information can make understanding the nuances of wine rather difficult, especially when you have to slog through wine propaganda! When you know the facts, wine is certainly complex, but much more accessible. … Continued

What Not to Forget: Wedding Reminders!

    You probably won’t forget any of the big things on the days leading up to your wedding, so the little things can make a huge difference in making you feel in control for one of the biggest occasions of your life. There’s a lot you can do to ensure that every single detail is as flawless … Continued