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Wedding Photographers: Where to Start

Finding your venue is always the first stop you should make on the road to planning your perfect wedding. Once you’ve booked the venue, you’ve got a date, a place, an open bar, and delicious food for your guests. Following that decision, it’s nice to enjoy some down time before jumping into the nitty gritty … Continued

Top Five Reasons to Get Married in Winter

It can be difficult to sift through all of the winter wedding ideas out there. A lot of brides tend to steer clear of the winter for one of two reasons: they’re worried about the weather, or they don’t want a stereotypical winter wonderland. Planning your wedding can be a difficult task, especially when looking at … Continued

Bridal Guide Photo Shoot at Brooklyn Winery

Here at Brooklyn Winery, we always emphasize that the space, while filled with character, is well suited for a variety of different brides. Earlier this year, Bridal Guide stopped by to demonstrate just that with their July/August issue fashion shoot. Throughout the 6-page article, you'll see different parts of our space as the backdrop for … Continued

Inspiration: The Best [of the best] Wedding Cake Toppers

What you choose to to crown your wedding cake (or cupcake spread…or pie…or doughnuts) is an opportunity to showcase a bit of you and your beloved. You want to choose something that represents the two of you as a couple; perhaps it’s a classic monogram of your initials, an inside joke, or something whimsical that … Continued

Wedding Venues and Your Guest List

If you are engaged, you have already been or will be faced with the dilemma of trying to solidify your guest list while pleasing one or more of the following: you, your significant other, your parents, friends, family, and co-workers. Do you keep it small and intimate and just invite close friends and family? Do … Continued

The Cost of the Matter: How Much does a New York Wedding Cost?

New York is many things: bustling metropolis; cultural pinnacle; financial-fashion-art-food-and-pretty-much-everything-else capital of the world (not to brag). It’s also home to many (many) people, which means it’s a top destination for weddings. And according to a recent Reuters article, New York is also the most expensive city in the United States to get married. The … Continued

How to Choose Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

We can’t tell you which of the numerous honeymoon options is right for you. Every couple is different, but hopefully we can help guide you to the perfect decision. If you go through this three step approach, you should be able to determine your perfect honeymoon! Step 1: Determine How Far You Want to Travel … Continued

The Wedding Music Question: Band or DJ?

So you are finally planning your wedding and have come to this somewhat common roadblock: do you choose a DJ…or a live band? Do you prefer the classy exclusivity of a live band or would you rather hear “Hey Ya” in its original Outkast glory? There is no doubt that a live band is more … Continued

Top 5 Wedding Splurges: The Things You Should Never Skimp On

It doesn’t matter what you choose to spend on your wedding—everyone works with some kind of budget. There are creative ways to save on different elements, and every couple has their priorities, but there are a few things with which you should avoid taking short cuts. 1. Photography: Your wedding day will be both the best … Continued