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Best Wines for Summer

Summer weather has arrived! And despite spending more of our time at home these days, we’re still reaching for cooler wines as temperatures go up.

How to Recreate Our Mac & Cheese At Home

Craving our wine bar’s infamous mac & cheese? We want to help you make an easy version of it at home! We adapted our chef’s recipe so you can try it using ingredients you probably already have, or can easily get. And we removed the need for any special kitchen tools, so you should be … Continued

Choosing the Perfect Invitations for a Winery Wedding

Winery weddings are classy: everyone knows that. It only makes sense that your wedding invitations should set the tone right from the outset and show all your guests that the celebration of your love will be an event to remember. But which style of invitation suits a winery wedding? Does it have to be something … Continued

How We Make Red Wine

Red wine has a special place in everyone’s heart.  The best red varietals encompass the full range of sensory experience, from the dense, bold flavors of a Cabernet Sauvignon, to the elegant and lively Pinot Noir.  As with all varieties of wine, the winemaking process for red wine has its own particularities and unique stages. … Continued

Winter Wedding Color Palettes

There is something magical about a winter wedding. With the possibility of a light dusting of snow, the glimmer of candlelight in the romantic evening darkness, and a rich, supple color palette that suits the time of year perfectly, it’s slowly becoming one of our favorite wedding seasons. The color trends predicted by The Black … Continued

Preferred Vendor Spotlight: Photographers

  ‘Tis the season for wedding planning! With the holidays around the corner and love in the air, countless lovers are mustering up the courage to propose every day. If you are newly affianced, this post is for you. This month, we are featuring the wedding photographers on our preferred vendors list; our very favorite … Continued

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

However you celebrate during the winter months, wine always has a place at the table, because what are the holidays without a glass in hand? If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift this season, we’ve got you covered. But which wines to choose? Luckily, we are here to help, with a selection of wine-centric … Continued

Thanksgiving Food & Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving and family, turkey and gravy; some pairings just make sense. As we all know, Thanksgiving is about three things: family, food, and wine. Celebrated with loved ones in the comfort of your home, with a glass of something delicious in hand, Thanksgiving is undeniably the coziest of holidays. While food is the holiday staple, … Continued