Sweet & Savory Additions

Add to any Virtual Wine Event


Choose from a selection of sweet and savory snacks that are pre-paired with any Brooklyn Wine option. These packages can be added to any box in extra appreciation for those you’re celebrating.


First Batch Snack Pack – A mix of sweet and savory items curated by our culinary team to add some crunch, sugar and spice to your at home event. Each pack features two sweet and three savory snacks to enjoy during your virtual wine event.

Cheese and Charcuterie  – Snack while you sip and enjoy a curated cheese and charcuterie selection with your Virtual Wine Event. The selection includes two cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, jam, and nuts, all carefully selected by our Executive Chef and Executive Director of Winemaking for a perfect complement to your Brooklyn Winery wines. Guests also receive a cheese board to keep and reuse. This addition includes expedited shipping to ensure safe delivery of perishable items.

Pairs well with:

Virtual Wine Tasting

Wine Games

Virtual Wine Blending

Gift Giving

  • There will be a 15% tax & processing fee applied to all packages which includes shipping costs.
  • Event attendees must be 21 and over to participate and an adult signature is required to receive shipment.
  • Events must be booked two weeks in advance to allow adequate time for shipping.

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