How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home


This special blog is brought to you by guest comedy writer, Michael Stewart-Bunting!


It’s coming. The day you always forget about until it’s staring you in the face and you haven’t made any plans. The day you have to find a romantic gift that seems like you thought about it all year, snag the best table at the best restaurant, and basically plan the perfect romantic evening at the last minute. No pressure or anything.  But fear not! This year there are no rules for Valentine’s Day. The fact that everything is turned upside down might just be the perfect opportunity to really wow your special someone…maybe for the first time.



Here at Brooklyn Winery, we have a lot of experience in the romance department. Over the past ten years we’ve had front row seats to some of New York’s most beautiful and romantic wedding celebrations. And while we can’t wait to be able to host our wonderful couples in person again, we’ve got some easy ways to bring the romance of the winery to your home for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration.

Follow these simple steps and your apartment can be the new swingin’ hot spot. Just because you’re not out on the town doesn’t mean it has to be just another night staying in! 

First, set the mood. Take it from us: a few candles go a long way.  Turn those lights down low and light as many as you can find.  Some of the most effective candles are just small votives placed around the room.  Don’t have votive holders? No sweat. At Brooklyn Winery we use all sorts of vintage vessels for ours. Take a look at what you have and get creative.  Martini glass? Go for it.  Vintage tea cup? Of course. Gravy boat? Do it! Who’s having gravy on Valentine’s day anyway? And don’t forget flowers! This year Brooklyn Winery is partnering with G! Designs to create a one-stop shop for flowers and wine.  Order your Bouquet and Bottle Bundle online and pick in the wine shop. 



Next, think of what your Valentine’s dinner out would look like.  You’d be enjoying multiple courses in the restaurant, so why not do the same at home? Oysters are a famous aphrodisiac, so what better way to start than with half a dozen? And you don’t have to be a master schucker to enjoy oysters at home.  Your local fish market will shuck them for you and pack them on ice.  Pair them with the Brooklyn Winery 2015 Blanc de Blancs.  This perfect aperitif is made using the traditional method (or Methode Champenoise, if a French accent is in your seduction arsenal). It’s bright and zesty, and its crisp minerality makes it the perfect accompaniment for both rich west-coast or briny east-coast oysters.



Oysters don’t make you go all heart-eye emoji? Start with a classic: the cheese board. Look, we know It may seem cliche. But few things are better than a thoughtful and elegant cheese selection paired with the perfect wines.  Make sure you have a variety of styles: Soft, firm, salty, creamy. And don’t forget the accompaniments.  Adorning your cheese plate with extras like honey, olives, spiced nuts, dried fruits, even a spicy seed brittle will set it apart from your everyday cheddar and crackers.  A medium bodied white wine with a good amount of acidity like our 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay will pair nicely with most cheeses.  If you’re daring enough to choose something really pungent, like a Roquefort blue, pair it with a red wine that has intense, concentrated fruit.  Our 2015 Old Vine Zinfandel is a match made in heaven for strong blue cheeses. Or if you’d rather leave it to us, our cheese and charcuterie boards are available for both delivery and pickup (not to mention all of our wines).



For the main course, why not take your inspiration from one of the great romantic scenes in film history?  No, not that one from Ghost. We’re talking about the spaghetti in The Lady and the Tramp. Not only is it easy, but a big bowl of pasta is quite possibly the quickest way to your love’s heart. And what other dish can give you the excuse to “accidentally” meet in the middle?.  Pair with our 2015 North Fork Cabernet Franc.  The subtle notes of green pepper and olive will match perfectly with a savory tomato sauce. And since you’re already at home, if you get a little sauce (or wine) on your shirt, you’ve got several options…


But of course, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolate. And it should be no surprise that Brooklyn Winery has numerous wines to compliment any chocolate dessert. You really can’t go wrong pairing most red wines with chocolate, but a good rule of thumb is the darker the chocolate, the fuller the wine. One of our favorite pairings is the Milene Jardine Rosemary Dark Chocolate with our Brooklyn Winery 2018 Cuvee Noir.  We love the way the savory herbaceous notes in the chocolate bring out the gently earthy aromatics of this blend of Grenache and Petite Sirah. It’s decadent, surely. But it’s also light, with a touch of natural caffeine in the dark chocolate. So it may be the end of the meal, but it won’t be the end of the evening. Brooklyn Winery is also offering a Valentine’s Day gift box, that includes two bottles of wine, chocolate, and wine opener. Available at our online store, as well as GrubHub and OpenTable February 12th – 14th.



Congratulations, you’ve done it!  You just defied the odds and created a Valentine’s Day celebration for your special someone that’s both romantic and memorable.  And all without having to squeeze between the throngs of other stressed-out couples. But if you’re still looking for a bit of safe social interaction this Valentine’s Day, check out our special Valentine’s Day Virtual Wine and Chocolate Tasting Event!

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