The Wedding Music Question: Band or DJ?

So you are finally planning your wedding and have come to this somewhat common roadblock: do you choose a DJ…or a live band? Do you prefer the classy exclusivity of a live band or would you rather hear “Hey Ya” in its original Outkast glory?

There is no doubt that a live band is more elegant. There are some amazing live bands out there that specialize in playing audience-appropriate fan favorites and covers. Depending on your own musical persuasions, some bands can even add their own genre twist like bluegrass, swing, and Americana. Remember not to go too far into a single genre direction if you’re planning on having a lot of dancing at your wedding. Guests need to feel comfortable enough to bust a move, so something that’s universally pleasing is generally a good idea.

Bands do have a tendency to be more expensive than DJs. Rather than hiring one DJ, you are going to be hiring five or more musicians, plus their equipment. There is also the matter of variety; although most wedding bands have a vast and eclectic repertoire, you are mostly going to have to stick with a few genres. It’s hard to hear a good rendition of “American Pie” followed by a competent “Rapper’s Delight.” Even so, live music carries an emotional vibe throughout the night that cannot be replaced by even the best of playlists.

DJs offer an unlimited variety of music, and you pretty much have full control over the music you hear. Let’s face it: some genres are exclusively relegated to DJs, like electronica, hip hop and new wave. DJs can also offer an element of nostalgia: your favorite songs of youth always hold a place in your heart on your most important day, and that should not be written off. Nor should “The Electric Slide.”

When it comes down to it, it really depends on what goes best with your party and your personality, while considering your budget. Whether you choose a DJ or band, be thorough in your research and make sure they are highly recommended and professional. You must be able to rest assured that everyone at the party will have a blast.