Top 5 Areas to Splurge on a Wedding: Things You Shouldn’t Skimp On

It doesn’t matter what you choose to spend on your wedding—everyone works with some kind of budget. There are creative ways to save on different elements, and every couple has their priorities, but there are a few areas where you should avoid taking short cuts, and allow a splurge.

1. Photography: Your wedding day will be both the best day of your life and a whirlwind. When it’s all done and you’re happily married, the flowers will be gone, the food will be eaten, and the dress will be stored or sold. Perfect photos are a must-have to look back on and share with your families. There are an endless number of photographers available and while it might take time to find the perfect one, it’s worth the time, energy, and money to splurge on a great one. Take a look at our curated list to get a start on the hunt.

2. Entryway Décor: Most people focus exclusively on what their ceremony florals and dinner centerpieces look like. It’s important to take note of where guests enter the space, as first impressions are an opportunity to really wow your guests. This can even be done without a huge splurge, and requires just a little extra creative thinking.

3. The Music: Whether it’s a band or DJ is almost irrelevant as long as they are extremely professional and well-experienced with what they do. The goal of a wedding is to get your guests up and dancing and to keep them there and interested. Many couples will want to save budget on this element, but it’s important to keep in mind that your guests are expecting a great party, and you should give them one.

4. Makeup: The good news is that dresses come in all shapes and sizes and at every budget level. The other good news is that there are lots of makeup artists who can help complement your amazing dress, and it’s important that you find one! Wedding photography is much higher quality than your average photo, and you need a gorgeous face that will last the entire day. Because of the wide variety and number of makeup artists, you will have the flexibility to find the person who can use makeup to highlight your best features while making sure you still look like YOU on your wedding day. Don’t forego the makeup artist—trust us! It may be a minor splurge, but one you won’t regret.

5. Venue: This does not mean that you have to spend huge amounts on your venue. It means you should be smart about the way you’re choosing it. If you see a venue that you LOVE and it’s ever so slightly out of budget, go for it. If you go for your second choice, there’s a good chance you’ll never forget about the first one. From a logistical perspective, the venue is the hub around which everything else revolves. It’s imperative that you trust the people you are dealing with and know that they understand what you’re expecting. The truth of the matter is, higher-end, more experienced venues will come with better service, making the potential splurge well worth it. Better service, no matter what, will create a better event. It will make guests more comfortable, make it easier for outside vendors to do their jobs, and keep you calm.