Top 5 Reasons to Get Married in Winter

It can be difficult to sift through all of the winter wedding ideas out there. A lot of brides tend to steer clear of the winter for one of two reasons: they’re worried about the weather, or they don’t want a stereotypical winter wonderland. Planning your wedding can be a difficult task, especially when looking at wedding venues. Even if you find a location that you LOVE, it can be difficult to secure the date you want. Why not make more options available to yourself? By considering the “off-peak” months of December through February, you open up a huge, new variety of options—and there need not be a snowflake in sight.

There are several benefits to planning a winter wedding once the holidays are over. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider it. You never know…they might surprise you!

1. In the middle of January and February, there’s not a whole lot to look forward to. The holidays have ended, vacations are over and the new year has begun. January and February, in particular, are notoriously short on fun times as everyone hunkers down back into work for the winter. Why not give guests something to look forward to?

2. Be special—who wants to get married at a time when their guests have four other weddings to go to? Yes, everyone loves a May/June or a September/October wedding. It’s without question that the weather is more often than not reliable during these months, and they are pleasant, calm times of year. The one problem? EVERYONE wants to get married then. It might be nice to take yourself out of the crowd and do something unique and unexpected, at a time when you can truly be the center of attention. There’s also the bridal party perspective. Being in multiple bridal parties at once can be overwhelming for your friends and family, not to mention the fact that during peak wedding season, you risk losing important guests to other events.

3. Weather isn’t always reliable, so it’s not worth paying for it. Though each wedding venue is different, some tack on premium pricing for peak months. However, these premiums may not be all they’re made out to be in the end. Just ask someone who got married a few years ago at the end of October in New York. They had a blizzard to contend with! In the same year, couples married at the end of February had gorgeous weather. So, you never know!

4. Availability will always be better at traditionally “off-peak” times if you’re looking to plan on a shorter timeline. We speak to so many brides who assume that the planning of a wedding requires at least a year. Untrue! The only reason couples need to book a wedding so far in advance is to secure a date at the venue they love. If you’re inflexible with things like a Saturday night (which is a must-do for many), it can be extremely difficult to find a great venue with availability less than 6 to 12 months out. Settling on a January or February date can be a great way to fix that, as those dates tend to book after the traditionally “peak” dates.

5. The winter sky can be absolutely amazing for photographs. You know that gray sky that only happens in the winter, right before dusk, late in the afternoon? That only happens in December, January and February, and it’s such perfect light for gorgeous wedding photos. The photos last a lifetime, so take a walk in the cold. Maybe a couple of snowflakes will add a bit of sparkle, too!