Blind Pairing Social

Blind Paring Social Unique Team Building Activities

The Blind Pairing Social is the ultimate interactive experience for larger groups. Guests will use basic wine tasting skills to identify different varietals with the help of their colleagues. Each guest will need to seek out the right person in the crowd to complete their blind pairing and take home a prize! This is one of our most unique team building activities.

Activity Details

If you’re hosting a dinner, luncheon meeting, or cocktail reception, you can choose to enhance the experience by adding a Blind Pairing Social. Please note that any of our team building activities must be booked in conjunction with one of our event packages.

Capacity: 50 – 200 people
Teams: Upon arrival, each guest will receive a varietal characteristic card. The number of teams is dependent upon guest count.

Activity Structure

  1. As each guest arrives they’ll be given a card listing one characteristic of one of four Brooklyn Winery wines, plus game instructions.
  2. Four stations, each manned by Brooklyn Winery staff, will feature blind tastes of one Brooklyn Winery wine. 
  3. Guests will have two goals:
    •  Identify characteristics amongst the other guests that pair with their own. The two characteristics will give them what they need to…
    •  Identify their wine match. For example, if their characteristics are CITRUS + ACID, they might find that they are matched to the Stainless Steel Aged Riesling
  4. Once guests have found their pairing mates, they can check in at the appropriate wine station, determine that they’ve made the correct identification, and redeem a card. 
  5. At the end of the evening, guests will turn in their cards to receive a bottle of the Brooklyn Winery wine that they identified!

Sample Timeline

6:00pm  Guests Arrive & receive their Varietal Characteristic Card
6:00 – 7:00pm  Cocktail Hour & Wine Pairing Social
7:00 – 8:00pm  Dinner or Cocktail Party
8:30 – 9:00pm  Dessert
9:00pm  Guests redeem their prizes and depart

Download a PDF file of the Blind Pairing Social