Where It All Starts—In the Vineyard

Because our winery is not located in a grape-growing region (not many vineyards are located in Williamsburg!), we contract our grapes directly with growers, some of whom only farm grapes, while others also make their own wine. By building partnerships based on trust and mutual respect with premium grape growers across the country, Brooklyn Winery winemaker Conor McCormack has established relationships that allow him to showcase the best varieties that each region has to offer.

Winemaker, Conor McCormack, travels to grape growing regions on both the east and west coasts searching for great vineyards. He carefully chooses vineyards to work with based on a variety of parameters, including soil type, trellis, canopy management, rootstock, and grape variety match, but most importantly, the people who farm the land. This last point is essential, as once we find a great vineyard, we look to continue working with these growers for years to come. They are our eyes and ears in the vineyard, and ultimately their work is showcased in the bottle.

Sourcing fruit from esteemed growers around the country gives us the unique opportunity to feature wine styles that reflect the diverse range of climates and growing conditions we have here in the United States, including:

  • Finger Lakes, NY
  • North Fork of Long Island, NY
  • Sonoma Valley, CA
  • Napa Valley, CA
  • Suisun Valley, CA
  • Lodi, CA
  • Columbia Gorge, WA


Once the fruit has fully ripened on the vine, it is time for the Harvest.