Wine Pairings for Your Favorite Holiday Films



You’ve waited all year to watch your favorite holiday movies and now the time has come!

While you laugh and cry your way through heart-warming stories of holiday cheer, we’re suggesting some elevated food and beverage pairings to make the experience even more joyful. Read on for some of our favorite seasonal films paired with Brooklyn Winery wine and a satisfying snack to match.

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Our Wine, Snack and Movie Pairing Suggestions: 



Christmas in L.A. calls for something light and bright, and nothing characterizes this film and its stellar female leads better than a tart Sauvignon Blanc. Ours is vibrant with notes of melon and lemongrass and a clean finish that pairs beautifully with salty snacks. Popcorn is our pick for this movie, whose main characters are each involved with the film industry in their own unique way.



Such a classic ode to New York deserves a local wine that speaks to the uniqueness of the state. Our Riesling grapes are sourced from the Finger Lakes region, for a dry style of wine that’s still packed with ripe fruit flavor. The sweet aromas of this wine play well against sharp, salty flavors, so why not pair it with another home-grown item like New York cheddar? A nice sharp cheddar cheese will create a real party on your palate with this wine!



A movie as playful as Elf deserves a fun, lively wine like our copper-hued, skin contact Ramato. With aromas of candied orange and papaya, it’s a wine that will instantly brighten your mood and tickle your palate. Pair it with an equally boisterous snack, like your favorite party mix, packed with salty, crunchy nibbles that would make Buddy jump up and down! And Buddy has even offered up one of his secret recipes: toss your chex mix with a little maple syrup and toast it in the oven for a sweet and salty treat!



Native to Italy, Barbera is lush and smooth, just like Bill Nighy as the incomparable Billy Mack. The soft, juicy texture of this wine will pair beautifully with an American twist on the classic British snack – sausage rolls! Wrap your sausages in crescent roll dough, bake them until golden, and enjoy this sassy, star-studded holiday film. 


You may find yourself spending more time alone this holiday season, and we’re going to help you make it fun! Take inspiration from Kevin McCallister’s indulgent adventures and treat yourself to our Reserve Merlot. With smooth tannins and flavors of plum, cherry and mocha, this is the perfect bottle for a night of self-pampering. And of course, you have to treat yourself to some pizza, an excellent accompaniment to this rich red wine, and one of Kevin’s personal favorites.



This holiday classic will never get old, and it deserves an equally distinguished wine to match. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and bold, with dark fruit flavors and a hint of cocoa. You’ll taste the complexity right away, just like protagonist George Bailey will soon reveal the many layers to his character! Pair this wine with something meaty and salty, like rich genoa salami. 



A devious character like the Grinch needs a powerful, complex wine to highlight both his sweet and sour qualities. Our Zinfandel is bold and packed with jammy fruit flavor, and a classic finish of licorice and spice. Just like the Grinch, our Zinfandel has some spiciness around the edges, but is ultimately soft and lovable. Pair this wine with ginger cookies to accentuate that sweet and spicy flavor!