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Your Guide to Creating an At Home Wine Tasting Experience for Any Occasion

Let’s Throw a Wine Party!   Whether gathering in person or virtually, our at-home wine Tasting Kits are the perfect way to connect and learn together!

Brooklyn Winery’s Summer Wine Guide

  As we approach the hottest days of summer, you may be turning to crisp white wine for outdoor activities and refreshing reds for chilling out in the air conditioning.

How to Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day at Home

  This special blog is brought to you by guest comedy writer, Michael Stewart-Bunting!

Wine Pairings for Your Favorite Holiday Films

    You’ve waited all year to watch your favorite holiday movies and now the time has come!

Brooklyn Winery’s Thanksgiving Favorites

  Thanksgiving is almost here, and we're taking care of the wine!

Our Favorite Wines for Fall

  Summer has officially come to an end, and we’re looking forward to the sights, smells and tastes of autumn. With such a versatile portfolio of wines, we’re confident that you’ll find something to enjoy this season, whether it’s a chilled glass of our signature bubbly or our Zinfandel.

Best Wines for Summer

Summer weather has arrived! And despite spending more of our time at home these days, we’re still reaching for cooler wines as temperatures go up.

Red Wine

How We Make Red Wine

Red wine has a special place in everyone’s heart.  The best red varietals encompass the full range of sensory experience, from the dense, bold flavors of a Cabernet Sauvignon, to the elegant and lively Pinot Noir.  As with all varieties of wine, the winemaking process for red wine has its own particularities and unique stages. Here in Brooklyn, it all begins with the arrival of the grapes at our urban winery.

Holiday Gift Giving Guide

However you celebrate during the winter months, wine always has a place at the table, because what are the holidays without a glass in hand? If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift this season, we’ve got you covered. But which wines to choose? Luckily, we are here to help, with a selection of wine-centric gifting options, perfect for everyone on your list.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings Blog Post

Thanksgiving Food & Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving and family, turkey and gravy; some pairings just make sense. As we all know, Thanksgiving is about three things: family, food, and wine. Celebrated with loved ones in the comfort of your home, with a glass of something delicious in hand, Thanksgiving is undeniably the coziest of holidays. While food is the holiday staple, the wine (at least in our opinion) is arguably just as important and adds a bit of playfulness to the succulent meal.

Harvest Season

A Look Into Harvest Season 2017

When it comes to winemaking, harvest season is when all the magic happens. It’s simultaneously exciting, exhausting, and a little bit scary. This is especially true at Brooklyn Winery, where we are not only at the mercy of mother nature, but the unpredictability of New York City as well.   Here in Brooklyn, our harvest season takes place between late August and mid November. 

How to Make Sparkling Wine

How We Make Sparkling Wine

  Sparkling wine is without a doubt the most fun wine to drink, but it’s no simple trick getting those bubbles to appear! It takes a whole lot of skill to get it just right. When it comes to sparking, it’s all about patience. There are several winemaking methods used to produce sparkling wine. The winemaking practices aimed at obtaining carbonation can be broken into two big groups: bottle fermented and tank fermented. What these two methods have in common is the use of a sealed container to trap carbon dioxide and produce carbonation in the finished wine.

Vineyards Map

Where Are Our Vineyards?

  As an urban winery, the biggest question that we get is an often incredulous, “where do your grapes come from?!” After calmly explaining that no, we don’t have massive secret rooftop vineyards, we discuss how the beauty of being an urban winery is that we have the freedom to select the best grape varieties from the best regions of the country.

Wine Myths

Debunking Wine Myths: Getting the Facts Straight

    When it comes to wine, there are a lot of lofty claims out there, and facts are often thrown around. Conflicting information can make understanding the nuances of wine rather difficult, especially when you have to slog through wine propaganda! When you know the facts, wine is certainly complex, but much more accessible. The experts at Brooklyn Winery are here to clear to air, and debunk just a few of the wine myths that have been taken as truth for too long!

Wine Tasting

A Guide to Wine Tasting: Sight, Smell & Taste

Wine tasting is a fascinating pastime that engages all the senses. Don’t let it be intimidating or overly complicated. We’re removing the stigma surrounding wine, showing you that it can be a fun endeavor, whether you’re an expert or a beginner! We’ll walk you through some basic steps and vocabulary of wine tasting to get you started. By thoroughly engaging in the whole tasting experience, you can elevate your enjoyment of wine even further, and that’s what we at Brooklyn Winery love to see!

How to make rosé

How We Make Rosé

  Everyone’s favorite time of year is here again—rosé season! With the warming weather comes the burning desire to have a glass of rosé in hand, and who can blame you? The pink drink is everyone’s favorite reminder that spring is here and warmer days are just around the corner, but how is this delicious wine made?

Winemaking Dictionary

Winemaking Dictionary

  Explore the nuanced world of wine with our Winemaking Dictionary, designed to explain some of the finer points of the process that turns grapes into wine. Learn the ABC's of winemaking as described by our team of experts.